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"UConn grads help fill empty seats at Huskies athletic events with youth groups through nonprofit"

-Hartford Courant

"Trio of UConn alums giving to the next generation of fans through Husky Ticket Project"

-The Day

"Three UConn alumni are trying to help foster the next generation of football fans"

-The UConn Blog

"Husky Ticket Project is sending underprivileged youths to UConn games"

-New Haven Register


Husky Ticket Project


Who We Are

Students Today, Huskies Forever.

When each of us leaves UConn for the last time as students, we are filled with a tremendous sense of accomplishment. Not only do we leave with a fantastic education, we forge lifelong relationships and leave with an even greater sense of community – Students Today, Huskies Forever.

That sense of community is alive and well for those of us in New York City (better known as #UConn6thBorough) and for others in cities across the country. UConn game watches are a staple, gathering together in the fall to cheer on our Huskies remotely during football and basketball season. Outside of our athletics bond, the UConn Foundation does a fantastic job keeping us connected with events such as the Elevate series and alumni networking events. The downside? As non-CT residents, and alumni of our University, we find ourselves wanting to do more for the school we love, but our distance from Storrs hurts our ability to make it to as many football and basketball games as we would like. That is where the idea for Husky Ticket Project was born.


Why Husky Ticket Project?

Our Goal:

We feel that we can offer a unique alternative to supporting UConn Athletics. With Husky Ticket Project, you can see realtime results. Not only do you benefit our beloved athletic department with ticket revenue and support, but you also send a deserving young fan to a game they might not otherwise have experienced, building the UConn brand and the next generation of fans.

Meet the founders of the Husky Ticket Pr
Here’s some photos of us from yesterday’

How we do it:

100% of all proceeds will be allocated to the purchasing of UConn Football tickets for various and distributed to qualified CT youth organizations. We promise to keep all donors updated on the allocations of tickets and the benefactors from each game.  Once we have raised the funds, we will be withdrawing the money into a personal account in order to purchase tickets from the ticket office.

The Cause:

To the best of our knowledge, nothing like this has ever been done before and we hope you decide to join us on this great adventure. Each of us has a special memory that makes UConn so special to each and every one of us – join us in helping develop that for another young Husky out there!


Donate to Husky Ticket Project

Help us build the next generation of Husky Fans by providing incredible experiences at UConn games.

All raised funds go towards the cost of tickets and parking. We are proud to be able to provide a cost-free experience for our partners.

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